Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Summer's Here! I think....

Well as some of you may know the weather in Sydney has been a little on and off lately. However yesterday was the hottest day since January.... so there is hope yet.

If you would like some inspiration to start you off on your neverending journey of finding the perfect swimsuit, check out these ones below.

The yellow is my favorite, you won't have to worry about being spotted by that sexy lifeguard!

Here's the link


  1. i LOVE the 3rd one! It is perfect for my body type-must know details!


  2. Hi Mama,

    Glad you like them... you can get these and more at the link below.

    This collection will only be available in Summer 2010 though, but there are many other fantastic styles!
    LOve, Natalia

  3. These are amazing! Need to get my hands on the second one.