Monday, October 19, 2009

"Fuggen Ugly"

So my latest obsession, is this very cool Matte nail Polish by ManGlaze called Fuggen Ugly. I purchased it online after reading a review re grey nail polish.

I must say I didn't expect this to be nice at all( partly because of the name), but after trying it out on my fingers and toes... hehe see what I did there? It seems to be the one thing I will be living in for the next season. I do know that in Australia it will be summer soon, but I can't help but live as with the rest of the fashion world as if it was fall.

ManGlaze has been doing the matte thing since 2007 apparently, so probably your best choice if your after quality. If you would like to purchase online, click this link. You'll see its somewhat cheaper then its adversaries at only $6.66US a bottle.


  1. huh? : P


  2. i like it! i was thinking about trying sephora's matte formula (since i can accumulate points for gifts with them), now i think that i def will!

  3. Looks cool...think I'll give it a go!
    Just a thought; Such a masculine colour and matte... for such a feminine thing; nails!!
    Punk...but hot!!