Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sportsgirl Superstylist

These are some photo's I've submitted for the Sportsgirl Superstylist Competition. Please let me know what
 you think!


  1. Great effort Natalia,
    I thought I would take the time to comment on your styling work, I would be grateful if you would comment on mine (on my blog)
    Personally I don't think the images are very consistent. I think it was one of the requirements that the images looked like a magazine editorial i.e. that they blended into one another. You have a beach vibe going on in the first, then progressing to hippy and office chic.
    Either way good luck with your entry.. I missed the deadline so you have a better chance than me!!

  2. Did you do those photographic effects with Photoshop? They're pretty cool.

  3. Hey Shardette,
    Thanks for the comment, basically I was going for an outfit for every occassion, from shopping to the beach....