Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Met my idol... said nothing. Blank stare*

So yesterday I blogged that The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) was having a book signing at the Sass & Bide store in Paddington. I planned to go after work with my boyfriend (Neil). So he picked me up at 5.30pm and off we went dressed in the best outfit I could pull together that morning in 5 mins and shoes (6 inches) that I would later regret. When we got there at 6.00pm on the dot the line was already half-way down the street and around the corner, so we decided to eat dinner first at Fringe Bar.... The food was less then great :(.

When we got back to the line it seemed as though it hadn't moved an inch but we went to the end anyway. Time went by slower then a flight to Europe, meanwhile I was still wearing my 6inch heels from that morning. Anyway.... 2 hours later we finally made it inside the Sass & Bide store. Then it was my turn ahhh what a nice feeling, I take a step forward... Scott is taking a sip of water from the glass next to him and as he goes to set it down I reach out my hand to shake his and introduce myself.... nothing, no words, nothing comes out of my mouth just a big stupid smile from ear to ear plastered on my face. My boyfriend reminds me that I want a picture and Scott say's 'ok, quickly' so I kneel down and take the picture then give Scott one more big stupid smile and walk away. I got the book signed, but Scott will most probably never remember me....

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